Modesty Matters

Value Of Life

By Tricia Goyer

From the Start

Value of Life, on Age appropriate lessons.

At age of 15 she had a abortion, never questioning

the woman at the clinic who told her the child she was carrying was

"just a blob of tissue."When she heard later that her baby had already developed fingers and toes

and a heartbeat. She was devastated about the decision she had made and the lie she had believed.

She wanted her children to know the truth about the development and sacredness

of preborn babies, to be able to counsel friends facing tough decisions.

It's never to early to educate children about the sanctity of life to help them understand that

every person, born and preborn, is valuable. Through age- appropriate activities and

discussions, teach your child from toodler to teen to celebrate and protect the lives of babies yet to be born.....

By Tricia Goyer

Youth need to respect themselves and others and learn the importance  

of waiting to get sexually intimate until they are married, committed relationship

in which they can postively contribute to God's creation and enjoy their sacred bond.

Human Life is precious and is to be valued and protected,

from the point of conception until rightful death.

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